02 Aug


Goro’s jewelry has already become one of the epic of luxurious jewelry accessory in Japan with fine Hearts. Goro’s shop was created in 1971, and up till now there is only one shop in the world wide

There is no advertising for this legend jewelry but only small amount handiwork. Whenever you go through Goro’s store in Japan you can notice numbers of people in long line waiting for entering Goro’s store as a sort of trip, almost every day. Goro’s takahashi could be the symbol or the representative of Japanese jewelry silver accessory.

This brand design is not imprudent or very simple and wild. The main feature of the jewelry is a feather which is made from silver and gold. The feather has many categories. Normally the feather is the gold of top in the feather. This could not be the exact explanation. If you are interested in this brand, you can see the pictures which are available on many sites of online stores of Goro’s jewelry.

Normally you need to stay in touch with them and to visit several times to create fair relationship with them and their silver jewelry. As you can have your first Goro’s this is like being their friend. Takahashi believed that, there are some reasons for us to get the silver, and they could find something on them that they are unable to buy with money. In other words, you can say that you have to listen to the silver, and then you are eligible to own that jewelry.

There are so many online stores out there, so it can be a challenge to come up with the best online seller for the Goro’s jewelry. Anyhow goro‘s products are available in variety of online stores along them the best are following.

Pixup online store:

Pixup online store provide proxy services for any brands from Japan and more preferably the goro’s products. This brand provides the items that are 100% legit and authentic.

Cliff edge

It is located in Japan and this online store serves to bringing all the customers with first class services since 1998.

All the items are 100% authentic. It is one of the top online sellers of goro takahashi jewelry. It also takes PSC orders to find what you want through e-mail. It also have walk-in store in neighborhood.

Cotton sheep

One of the best renowned online sellers for high quality Japanese goods provides with most authentic products. 


GORO Silver Jewelry online

Here at www.Goth1c.com, we have over 2000 designs of top quality sterling 925 silver Gothic Jewelry to select from and a new range of goro inspired design up for grasp. Visit www.Goth1c.com/goro for more information.What you see is what you get, we take the pictures of the actual jewelry piece. We have the widest selection of Gothic Jewelry on the Internet. Visit www.Goth1c.com for more information. We hope to see you again

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