The originator of Goro Takahashi, hold out to make his whole creation of work only by his hands, this is the reason why Goro’s jewelry would be that hard to get. This is the most unique thing about Goro takahashi. And the most interesting thing is that whenever you have chance to enter the shop, the staff if the shop will see and decide to sell you their jewelry or not. There are so many rumors of online purchasing of goro takahashi jewelry saying that if the shop owner don’t like the way you dress up or your gesture or he feels that the accessory you are going to buy doesn’t suit you, they will choose not to sell you that product. Don’t know how much true is that.


The Japanese fashion appears to mourn over the loss of Goro Takahashi who was the legendary craftsman who brought the combination of Native American jewelry and the Japanese accessory and made an icon in this regard in Japanese accessory world. He passed away on November 25 and leaving the fortune of his business and craft to his children.


The designs of Goro takahashi jewelry is inspired by years of living with the Native American tradition, eventually earned him a loyal fans following in the Harajukus. The store and the only place where his accessories could be purchased was famous for the long lines that he produced  it only stocked what he had made for the day and potential buyers that are very limited for about 5 to 7 at a time. And even then, one would still have a final say that the sale depends upon, if the accessory’s personality matched with the buyer.


A piece from Goro’s jewelry is like a piece of art. Even when somebody is waiting in line for a work of art there is no guarantee that they will allow you to buy the product. The owners of the stores are extremely particular with who they allow to wear their jewelry. Anybody who wants to buy the Goro’s product he must have to be kind of connected to go in there and get a piece. The stories made me curious and eager to get a piece even more; I was much excited about the possibilities of getting a piece of that jewelry in my hand even though I was told it might be impossible for me. I felt like acquiring that jewelry was acquiring a piece of Japan. It was told that there were so many children, men and women  waiting in line in front of store for many hours trying to get into the shop, they were all adorn with Goro pieces around their necks.

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