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Goro Takahashi jewelry collection is really famous not in japan but also in USA. The Japanese fashion scene definitely mourns the great loss of Goro Takahashi, the legendary artist and silver craftsman who brought Native Yankee jewelers to the Japanese accent world and an icon in this regard. He kicked the bucket on Nov twenty five and his ceremonial occasion was endured Dec nine, feat the fate of his business and craft to his kids. Yes here we start the history of Japan GORO TAKAHASHI Jewelry collection.


His styles, galvanized by years of living with the Sioux (who with competence named him “Yellow Eagle”), eventually earned him a loyal following among fans because the Harajuku affluent began and well when up till his death. Goro’s, his artist’s workroom and therefore the only place wherever his merchandise may well be purchased was known for the long lines it created and therefore the commitment of these waiting; it solely furnished what he had created for the day and prospective patrons, restricted to five at a time, would got to bank on his daily contributions catching their fancy. And even then, employees would still have a final say on a procurement looking on if the piece’s temperament matched with the customer.


Takahashi’s journey began in high school once he was tutored instinctive animal skin carving art by U.S. troops in Occupied Japan. Yes that the beginning of the great artist from Japan, who’s jewelry is not only famous in Japan, US and whole world.  After that, he was self-taught till he opened his 1st branch of jeweler in Aoyama once he was twenty seven. He then created his approach across to the States wherever he learned silver carving from Native Americans. Because the story goes, it had been a Sioux priest-doctor who gave him the name “Yellow Eagle,” maybe the primary Japanese person to receive an Indian name.


Upon returning in 1966, he touched his Aoyama search over to Harajuku wherever his Native American-inspired styles established his name within the silver accessories business. They became fashionable several of Japan’s stars together with rock group SMAP’s Kimura Takuya. Therefore known is his craft that his works gain in worth over time and fanatics regard them as art and collectors as an asset. Whereas not several can acknowledge his name outside those actually concerned within the Japanese fashion and street scenes, his inheritance and respect is common among his fellow peers across Japan.


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