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Sale Shop Saint Silver Rub Silver Paste Detailed Height Efficient Light Blue Import Paste, Unlike The Yellow Color Of Domestic Silver Paste Filling St. Rub Silver Paste, Long Term Placement Will Not Precipitate, But Never Will You The Polished Silver Paste Are Signs Of Hairy Capacity:.12Ml How To Use: 1. Shake 2. Flexible Muslin Or Silver Cleaning Cloth This Product Is Fully Moistened Wipe The Silver Surface 3. Enable. Wiping The Silver Paste Silver Surface Stay For A Minute Or So To Ensure That Effect.4. Then Wipe With A Dry Cloth Or Silver Cloth To Wipe Clean (Recommended Silver Cleaning Cloth, Because Silver Cleaning Cloth Fabric More Fine, Not To Hurt The Silver). Find A Long Term Exposure To Air Idle Silver Chain, Silver Holy Import To Test The Effect Of Wiping The Silver Paste, Below Is Wiping The Silver Paste This Effect Picture. Squeeze A Drop Of The Silver Paste To Rub On Silver Cleaning Cloth, Then Wipe Gently Kneading Large Chains Est One Minute Later, The Oxidative Same As Antique Gothic Silver Necklace Immediately Restored To Its Former Bright Wholesale Customers, A Box (12) From The Grant.

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