04 Aug


A legend piece from Goro takahashi is like a piece of art, the craftsmanship which is totally unmatchable. The creator of this legendary art work had lived in the native America where he learned many antique skills to make silver because the yellow eagle and the sun that he made were the holy and untouchable symbols for American tradition.

In Japan he was known more like an artist then a silversmith. He combines the Americans traditional silver-making skills with his unique ideas and silver jewelry designs from Japan by presenting in more extraordinary delicate beautiful details. It will be better to say work or accessory rather than product. Goro’s Takahashi seems very unique; The Goro’s work is still enhancing in value due to his mechanical watches due to his unique creation some people regarded him as an investor. The designs of Goro’s Takahashi jewelry were inspired by years of living with the yellow eagle which eventually earned him many loyal fans following even after his death. Goro’s store in Harakuju is the one and only place in the world where his accessories can be buying.

Even after the death of Goro Takahashi, the legendary leather and silver craftsman brought from the Native American jewelry and combined it with Japanese fashion scene had become a legendary icon. Certainly he will be missed by the fan of his work who really respects his fine craftsmanship.

Goro’s store is known by many people for its long lines who are in commitment of the waiting for many hours a day in order to get his unique work. The only people are approved to purchase at a time after the Goro’s staff will approve the buyer’s personality.

Reasons for Goro’s jewelry to be in style:   There are so many reasons for Goro’ jewelry to be in style:

  • Goro Takahashi does not need to hire any celebrities like the famous singers, music directors, actors/ actresses, artists, designers to endorse for Goro’s work.
  • Goro’s work is not only about silver, it is about an art.
  • The most symbolic work is the feathers and yellow eagles.
  • You may find the each and every hair of the feathers, looks like swinging in the wind when you observe it very closely.
  • There are many famous celebrities, such as Fujiwara Hiroshi, Kimura Takuya, who feel love and wear Goro’s. That’s the real fascination of Goro’s.
  • It is presenting in more extraordinary delicate and beautiful details.
  • It is the combination of two cultures which are beautifully submerged.


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